all night conversations

© 1998

A third collaboration with Poet, Nancy Takacs, resulted in all night conversations. I designed the sculptures -- two panels which are meant to stand opposite each other, slightly offset, so that you can look through both sculptures at once. There are more "faces" identifiable in the two sculptures together, than are in either one of the sculptures alone.

As the poet, Nancy selected 80 or 90 words which we then stamped into the steel of the sculpture. Nancy also assembled two small books, one which showed how to simply write a poem, another book with samples that would appeal to elementary children. Once the installation was in place, classes of elementary children and their teachers were invited to visit the installation, select some words off of the sculpture and use them in writing a poem. If they chose to, they were invited to leave their poems behind as part of the exhibit. Over 300 poems were "submitted" and were displayed on the walls of the gallery. At the close of the exhibit, the gallery hosted a poetry reading, inviting the children to read and bring their parents. It was a standing-room-only event.

2 panels: each 6' x 7.5' x 3"